MY STORY - Julie Nicole French

Hi, I'm Julie Nicole French!
I help women fall in love with themselves, regardless of the shape of their body

Hi, I'm Julie, You can call me Jules!

After being a health and fitness professional for many years, I started to feel a big disconnection with my body. No matter how much I worked out my body, I couldn't shake the negative body image that I developed from being in that industry. That's when I realized how toxic the fitness industry really is.

Essentially, I got to a point where my definition of self was my body, and my body defined my level of self worth.

Did you know that we see 1000% more images per day than just 15 years ago? No wonder why we have such a toxic body-image culture! Every day we are being slapped in the face with images of what society is telling us to look like. This effed up diet culture is leading women to believe that they have to LOOK a certain way in order to FEEL confident.

I’m here to teach you how you can feel REAL confidence, Your soul knows that you are worthy beyond measure, regardless of the shape of your body.

This is why I became a body-image and confidence coach. I am absolutely PASSIONATE about guiding women along this journey, because...I have been there too. I feel you girl. Oh, do I ever...

My Journey

Who am I? (I ask myself this every day!)

I am a professionally trained life coach that specializes in helping women connect to their confidence, strengthen their "self-love muscles", and release the toxic beliefs developed from the fitness industry.

I am passionate about helping women connect to and strengthen their core essence, instead of focusing on strengthening their core abdominals.

I am here to help you realize that your body does NOT define your worth, so you can release the emotional responses that are tied to your body.

I am here to help you release those limiting beliefs and self-doubt and connect to the badass woman that you already are. We just gotta coax her out to play!!

Improving Your Confidence is NOT About Changing Your Body!

What if I told you that connecting to your confidence badass self had nothing to do with dieting or working out your body?

It is about changing your outlook and beliefs on life.

It's about loving who you are at your very core being, that you don't even care about the numbers on the scale because you know how much you ROCK!

My goal is to help you empower yourself so that you can make conscious choices from a state of self-love, rather than from a state of self-hate, or unworthiness.